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Curso de Ingles en Esquina"Instituto de Idiomas de Esquina I. Prof 49"

Curso de Ingles en Esquina"Instituto de Idiomas de Esquina I. Prof 49"
By word of Mouth...
a Workshop on StorytellingBy
Word of Mouth is a workshop on storytelling that intends to fit in with values education , an aspect that a growing number of educators feel has been critically lacking in mainstream language teaching.
1st Part ¨Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ¨ - Storytelling for young learners ".
Based on Roald Dahl’s ‘ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ’ , the activities that willbe shown, present a series of practical ideas to engage imagination, promote languagedevelopment, increase concentration and explore moral values.
2nd Part ¨A Shocking Accident¨ and "The Three Little Pigs"-Storytelling for adolescents and adults".
Graham Greene's "A Shocking Accident" and Roald Dahl's "The Three Little Pigs" aretheme-related stories that will be used in this workshop to develop receptive andproductive skills in a relaxed and friendly environment.Because of its unique teller-listener relationship , By Word of Mouth is a deliciousadventure that will give you food for thought.
Prof.Adriana Fiori
Adriana Fiori is a graduate teacher from Prof. Estela Guinle de Cervera in Santa Fe. She has been teaching English to young learners, adolescents and adults for more than 20 years. Course tutor of FCE, CAE and CPE at Advice private language school.She has lectured at XXXII FAAPI Conference (Jujuy 2007) XXXI FAAPI Conference (Rosario – 2006), Instituto de Lenguas Modernas Saint Paul (Corrientes – 2006), XXX FAAPI Conference (Santa Fe – 2005), ABS International (Buenos Aires – 2005), II Congreso Regional de Capacitación Docente (Rosario – 2004) and Instituto de Cultura Inglesa (Vera, Santa Fe – 2004).
Date: Saturday, 28th June
Time: 9.00 a 13.00
Venue: Instituto de Idiomas.Mitre 789
Contact: Isabel Falabella156-18174

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