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September, 2007
A dramatic change in your classes.
Using Applied Drama in the English language classroom

Fernando Armesto

Do you feel your students are not motivated to learn English?
Do YOU feel unmotivated to teach English?

Well then, the time has come to make a CHANGE!

Join us and discover how the use of APPLIED DRAMA in your everyday lessons can make your work fun and entertaining. Learn to use activities that foster different skills in an appealing and relaxed way! DRAMA is a powerful vehicle to make reluctant or shy students work and participate without their noticing it. As students get involved in the activities they naturally develop strategies to improve their fluency and communication skills.

Share your work and views with other colleagues and end up with a bag full of ideas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Join this new Forum, improve your classes, and become better teachers !

Prof. Fernando Armesto

Profesor de Inglés e Inglés Técnico from Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado
Técnico de la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional.
Candidate to the “Doctorado en Lenguas Modernas” from Universidad del Salvador,
currently writing. his Doctoral Dissertation.
Lecturer at Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado Técnico de la Universidad
Tecnológica Nacional in the Chairs of "Didactics for EGB 1 and 2" and "Practicum" .
Head of English- Primary and Secondary- at Colegio Belgrano Uno.
Former Lecturer in English Language at Universidad Austral and Universidad del
Museo Social Argentino and Head of English at Instituto de Educación Integral .
He has specialized in E.S.P., working in the fields of Tourism, Hotel Catering and Management and Journalism. He is the co- author of the resource book "Tourism" published by Macmillan.

He has been engaged in several Drama Clubs and Societies and he has worked with Drama with children, adolescents and adults. Actor and Assistant Director in various plays with the Buenos Aires Players and the Suburban Players.


Starting Date: Friday, 28th ( 8 a .m.)

Closing Date: Saturday, 29th (8 p.m.)

The forum will take place at:

Participants will receive a Pack of Theoretical Materials,
especially created by Fernando Armesto (by e-mail) and a Certificate of Participation (via Correo Argentino).
The IV International ELT Forum provides an opportunity for people with a variety of perspectives – ELT experts and non-experts alike – to explore each other’s views and share info rmation in a casual atmosphere. It provokes discussion as well as interaction, and creates a setting for people to truly exchange ideas on important issues regarding English Language Teaching.

: Enrolment is only guaranteed by payment of fee.


: $ 35 – (thirty five pesos)
Other countries: U$S 15 – (fifteen dollars)



Option 1
Bank deposit

Please email us at
so that we send you the details.
Option 2
Pago Fácil / Rapipago
Please email us at so that we send you the right pay form.

Other countries

Payment through Western Union
Please email us at so that we send you the details.

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